portland korean food festival w/ brandon kirksey

Did you all stop by the Portland Korean food festival? If you are doubting how adventurous your appetite is, or consider Korean food to be scary, think again!

Girin's executive chef Brandon Kirksey, along with many other local PNW chefs, gathered last week on Sunday, October 12th to host this humble, but gracious food festival. Guests enjoyed fusion and traditional, single-serving Korean bites constructed by these brilliant chefs. And of course these dishes went alongside some tasty beverages like sochu and makgeoulli.

Warning: these photos may make you considerably hungry :)

People were encouraged to take a passport and get stamped for each individual course

Our chef Brandon Kirksey cooking up bibim gooksu with some friends and volunteers!

Bibim guksu is a cold buckwheat noodle; here it is tossed in a sweet, spicy and savory chili sauce then served with fresh radish, quail egg and kaiware

Korean food is the perfect drinking food!

Other dishes in the festival included tteokbokki, or rice cakes, bulgolgi tacos, sliders and blood sausage

Even the Mayor of Portland, Charlie Hales stopped in to take a couple bites

Beautiful day to join each other and eat some great food! Join us next time!

Or come try some tasty Korean food at Girin in Stadium Place.

Photo credit: Justin Lee

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